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10:35 drichards-1 : Interesting McREL reps in the audience
10:36 robinellis-1 : mguhlin thanks for posting on my VT!
10:40 ransomtech : Yes... the data smog issue is BIG!
10:43 mguhlin : @robinellis-1 i posed 2 parts but part 1 is the only one that stuck. argh.
10:43 mguhlin : who's speaking?
10:43 mguhlin : love the fact the room is full
10:44 ransomtech : Hasn't good writing instruction always involved writing for an audience, not only the teacher?
10:48 ransomtech : virtual knee surgery:
10:54 budtheteacher-1 : The presenters are Dan Maas and Mike Porter. Link to notes:
10:54 budtheteacher-1 :
10:58 cfoote : hello all.
10:59 cfoote : like the walmart story
10:59 cfoote : assume best of each other.
11:00 cfoote : these principles are excellent. can't wait to share w/my district
11:02 ransomtech : I work in higher ed and I would agree that there is a HUGE disconnect there.
11:02 cfoote : like his point that we should come together as peers
11:03 ransomtech : Yes - we have so much to teach each other!
11:03 cfoote : where do you work? I'm at hs in Austin, tx
11:03 ransomtech : I teach at a private college in Rochester, NY
11:04 cfoote : my dad from Jamestown, ny
11:04 ransomtech : I have had students from there.
11:09 ransomtech : Isn't it interesting how new technologies have brought a new passion for old concepts like "lifelong learning", collaboration, meaning, engagement, constructing...
11:09 cfoote : yes...and its been so hard to bring those things into schools in the past
11:09 cfoote : so unwittingly these tools are driving the change
11:10 ransomtech : Yes... and that change has been so elusive. How will this new conversation bring about new, sweeping change?
11:10 ransomtech : Right now change is so spotty.
11:10 cfoote : I agree. Lots of efforts going on to institutionalize it better, but they are just beginning
11:10 cfoote : like what arapahoe is doing
11:11 ransomtech : Yes
11:14 danrmorris : The divide between the IT and instructional sides in many districts are hugh
11:15 ransomtech : Yes... I am struggling with this right now even at the college where I teach. The current IT folks don't seem to have a vision for any of this.
11:17 cfoote : Yes...this is very inspiring
11:17 ransomtech : For example, the IT dept.'s packetshaper has put iTunes content to the bottom of the bandwidth pipeline, making subscribing to posdasts impossible.
11:17 danrmorris : I belive that we have to work the leadership in the schools to help them understand this much betetr than we have in the past. I spend lots of time talking with principals who are often left out of these discussions.
11:17 cfoote : what is that model he just mentioned?
11:18 cfoote : I'm planning to share this ustream..hope it is being recorded?
11:18 ransomtech : sorry... didn't catch it... making lunch for kids, doing dishes, and listening at the same time! Love this stuff
11:18 cfoote : want to share it with our district admin
11:19 danrmorris : One of the power of sharing this is to not just the content but the power of thinking and colaborating like this using these tools.
11:20 cfoote : exactly
11:21 ransomtech : Yes - web based prof. devel. has really expanded access - especially with asynchronous content
11:21 danrmorris : I would challenge anyone who wants to block this type of access that that would be in the best interets of our teachers and students in todays world.
11:23 ransomtech : I think some of it is the fear of relinquishing control... yet that needs to be done to allow students to have control and responsibility over their own learning.
11:24 ransomtech : Excellent strategy of co-teaching... but needs some continuity... not one-shot deals for the most part
11:27 ransomtech : Time is so critical!!
11:27 danrmorris : Power and control are bif factors that I encounter all the time but a collaboartion with these tools requires "empowering" and encouraging "self-direction" and responsibility. 21ct Century skills
11:28 ransomtech : Even more than ever before
11:28 danrmorris : Is there anyone in the room contributing to this chat?
11:30 cfoote : I think we're all remote except for budtheteacher
11:31 budtheteacher-1 : I'm down the hall - but I'll be in that room for the next session - hope you'll join us.
11:32 pgoerner : @cfoote not me- I'm sitting on the floor in the back ! :)
11:32 budtheteacher-1 : Excellent - Hi, Phil!
11:33 jeremyl : bud, the streaming is great and makes me feel like i'm there with everyone..while taking care of the little miss grace
11:34 cfoote : identifying leaders--incentivising change is important
11:34 danrmorris : Phil, have there been any discussion about specific strategies to help principals understand what this looks like. Tel Michael from Academy that just spoke hi.
11:35 cfoote : Hi @pgoerner
11:35 cfoote : wish I worked in this district.
11:35 cfoote : attitude is refreshing.
11:36 cfoote : @khokanson been here for 2/3 of it. I can paste if no one else has the whole chat.
11:37 pgoerner : Nice support and good vision for teachers here.
11:37 cfoote : @pgoerner That is coming across very clearly in this presentation
11:38 budtheteacher-1 : Please do, @cfoote. Thanks.
11:38 cfoote : @budtheteacher will do.
11:39 budtheteacher-1 : My thanks to you - to all y'all.
11:39 jeremyl : i agree that many teachers are inspired by receiving the technology and the PD alone as the main incentive
11:39 cfoote : @jeremyl but many aren't
11:40 ransomtech : In my experience, many teachers want the "stuff" just to have it. Some are not really interested in changes of practice that need to go hand-in-hand with the "stuff"
11:41 jeremyl : agreed but if get the tools into the ones that are than we may inspire more to see the power
11:41 ransomtech : Absolutely - esp. if there is a mechanism for sharing/collaboration/...
11:41 cfoote : @jeremyl yes, and I really like his concept of finding the leaders and supporting them.
11:41 ransomtech : Success breeds success, right?
11:41 cfoote : right...
11:42 cfoote : I also think we have those leaders in our district but we're not "celebrating" what they are doing publically
11:42 cfoote : need to do better job w/that.
11:42 jeremyl : if we provide the time....we should use the success that lesson study has and provide opps for teachers to study lessons with technology
11:42 ransomtech : Have to go... Kids calling. Thanks for a great discussion.
11:42 cfoote : nice to meet you @ransom
11:42 ransomtech : Same here, Cfoote
11:43 danrmorris : We have to remember that change does start slowly and with those ready to try the the new ides, the pioneers, but they need support and encouragement from principals.
11:43 cfoote : the leadership makes a tremendous difference
11:43 cfoote : does what you envision match what you allocate?
11:44 jeremyl : not at all
11:44 cfoote : this year our supt. told board..before we allocate, let's talk vision.
11:44 cfoote : was pleased by that.
11:44 cfoote : bye all!
11:44 jeremyl : ciao
11:44 khokanson : HEY BUD