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11:30 drichards : is this ben?
11:45 drichards : is this chat working?
11:45 drichards : can someone tell me what session this is?
11:49 budtheteacher : This is Ben Wilkoff's session:
11:49 budtheteacher : I've asked him to adjust camera - hope that's better.
11:49 budtheteacher : The video he's showing is available on the link above if you'd like to take a clearer peak.
11:50 budtheteacher : Oope - peek.
11:50 drichards : it is better bud - thanks
11:50 budtheteacher : oops - oops.
11:50 budtheteacher : I can't make him stand still - he's chock full o' energy.
11:50 fceblog : Thank you Bud.
11:50 drichards : ben got the message - he's trying
11:55 budtheteacher : You're welcome. Dennis, since you've been here from the beginning, would you be willing to capture and post the chat at the end to the wiki page?
11:55 budtheteacher : It'd be a big help.
11:57 budtheteacher : Actually - lots of capable people here - anyone willing to cut and paste?
11:57 drichards : i have to go soon, but i will let it run on the computer and then cut and paste it later.
11:58 drichards : i'll try to do it for all three sessions if you want.
11:58 techicebreaker : Is that all you have to do is cut and paste?
11:58 drichards : not sure - that's the way i'd do it - other suggestions?
11:59 fceblog : @drichards Just do not let the page refresh itself, or you'll lose the chat. Yup, cut&paste is the way.
12:00 drichards : fceblog - okay - will do.
12:00 fceblog : Or partial cut&paste just to make sure. Each entry bears the time of posting so there will not be overlaps, I guess.
12:02 budtheteacher : Any and all archiving would be awesome!
12:02 techicebreaker : I can handle that for this session
12:02 budtheteacher : Partial archives are probably best - stopping and cutting and pasting as you go - but I'm asking so I'll take whatever you're able to do - thanks!
12:04 techicebreaker : What is Grazr?
12:05 fceblog : @techicebreaker Grazr allows you to create RSS feeds and embed in your site.
12:06 techicebreaker : @fceblog thanks
12:13 cfoote-1 : interesting comment
12:14 cfoote-1 : hm, disagree with that 100%
12:14 cfoote-1 : I was thinking he was going to say that showing the romeo and juliet video was making students passive
12:15 cfoote-1 : so he was using technology like blogging to make it interactive and connected
12:15 cfoote-1 : but, I just came in the room to listen, so playing catch up.
12:16 cfoote-1 : good point. connecting at home through connecting afar
12:17 sine : is there audio and video now? I just get "please wait while I connect."
12:19 budtheteacher : @cfoote: What was the comment that you are disagreeing with?
12:21 cfoote-1 : teacher who said that he used to show romeo and juliet, now he bans all technology from his classroom completely
12:22 cfoote-1 : i think he said it interferes with community building?
12:22 cfoote-1 : it was a few mins ago.
12:23 cfoote-1 : reminds me of a comment one of our teachers made--
12:23 cfoote-1 : he said that he made his wiki and thought everyone would rush home and log on..
12:23 cfoote-1 : lol..and quickly realized that wouldn't be their first place they go online
12:24 cfoote-1 : but had a sense of humor about it and is trying to deepen how he uses it with students.
12:24 cfoote-1 : I'm thinking of the fischbowl use of blogging in Anne Smith's project at Arapahoe recently.
12:24 cfoote-1 : is good example of how to bring the tool into the classroom discussion.
12:25 cfoote-1 : good question, tho.
12:28 ehelfant : this is being archived for later viewing isn't it?
12:30 cfoote-1 : i think so.
12:30 cfoote-1 : im' trying to watch two at once ;) so I hope so!
12:32 ehelfant : I'd like to put some parts on the school ipods to give to a few folks
12:34 fceblog : 24 viewers
12:36 fceblog : 24 viewers
12:38 ehelfant : I need to go be mom for a little while...will watch later..thanks
12:39 techicebreaker : assessing/grading group work can be hard to do fairly
12:39 techicebreaker : yes the chat is being archived
12:40 tgray352 : Using Google Docs - allows everyone to have a voice.
12:40 nancito : Hi!
12:41 budtheteacher : Everytihng this weekend is CC - Attribution ShareAlike. Help yourselves - just let us know
12:47 techicebreaker : Any final comments before I archive the chat?
12:47 techicebreaker : Any final comments before I archive the chat?
12:48 techicebreaker : Sorry for the double post
12:49 colearning : nope... go for it. Thanks