2009 Conference Update


As we get closer to Learning 2.0: A Colorado Conversation, we thought it was a good time to drop you a quick note to tell you about some details, point you to some resources, and let you know about your pre-conversation homework. We're looking forward to seeing you at Heritage High School on Saturday, February 21st at 9am sharp.


First things first - if you're no longer able to join us, then please forgive this intrusion - and please send us a quick reply letting us know that you can't make it so that we can take you off of our list, free up a little of your inbox, and pass the seat on to the next person. We do have several folks on a waiting list and any information about your status would help us and them to make arrangements for our day. If you have a colleague who wanted to register, but just didn't make it, send a quick reply, too, with that person's name and e-mail address - we'll send them information about the waiting list.


We've assembled a full schedule of conversations that we're looking forward to. Go ahead and take a peek at them. As we get closer to Saturday, we'll also have links to the virtual sessions, via Elluminate, on each presentation page for those folks who want to attend but won't be in the building. Feel free to share the schedule with folks who want to join in from home.

We promised lunch, and we're going to deliver what we hope is a reasonable mid-day meal from Qdoba. We hope to meet most folks' dietary needs – but we realize that we might miss a few. Unfortunately, what we didn't say in the previous sentences was "so we'll have a great breakfast and coffee bar, too." You'll need to bring your own caffeine and look after breakfast on your own. You should probably give yourself a few extra minutes so that you can stop along the way. We're sorry. We hope good conversation makes up for a lack of get together accessories.

Internet Access

Heritage High School will have wi-fi access for you if you bring a computer. Hopefully, we won't use up all of their bandwidth - but it might happen. Save your movie downloads for a different day.


Dan Maas, CIO of Littleton Schools, has made arrangements with Adams State for graduate credit for participants of our conversation. You can register for that credit online now, if you'd like .


As the day approaches, we'll be keeping an eye on the weather. At present, it's looking sunny and pleasant, but we live in Colorado. Anything can happen. Check the wiki if things go south; we'll post and let you know if we need to make snow arrangements.


Here's a link to a map showing you where Heritage High School is. Attached, too, is a flyer that contains a map of the building.


We're hopeful that this conversation, like others that you're engaged in, is not an end unto itself. We expect to enter into the middle of conversations that you may already be having with colleagues either face to face or virtually. We also hope that our event leads to more conversation. We've posted links on the wiki to some of the good conversations that we know about. Check them out. Add your own. Start something.

More content will be appearing on the wiki as presenters share information about their sessions. Look, too, for a blogroll of Colorado Edubloggers. Let us know if we miss yours. Don't have a blog yet? Well, perhaps it's time.

Come on the 21st prepared to talk about what you've been reading and thinking about. We all have lots to learn from each other.
Also, while you're at the wiki, go ahead and sign up for the roundtable portion of our day. If you want to lead a roundtable, go ahead and list a topic and pick a table. Just want to talk and not facilitate? Great - sign up for what looks good. Want to suggest a topic but don't feel comfortable leading? That's fine, too - put it down. Might get filled. Might not. Conversations are messy like that. So's learning. We're fine with it.


If you have any questions that aren't covered in this e-mail, the attached flyer, or on the wiki, feel free to write back and ask them. Our e-mail address islearning2.0colorado@gmail.com.

We can't wait to see you on the 21st at Heritage High School. We hope it's a useful day. In fact, we're counting on you to work with us to make it so.

See you then!

Ben, Bud, Karl & Mike
The Learning 2.0: A Colorado Conversation Planning Folks