Using Moodle To Enhance Your Classroom
Jesse Craig and Brian Hatak
Arapahoe High School
Centennial, Colorado

Link to Learning 2.0 Presentation - PDF

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My name is Jesse Craig and I am the Science Department Chair at Arapahoe High School. Brian Hatak and myself were part of a cohort, led by Karl Fisch, to explore teaching in the 21st century. Since the completion of our three year cohort, we have been in constant change in our science department. Our goal... to create a student-centered environment that utilized current technology and that is committed to providing our students the best opportunity to make a difference in this world. As a department we have adopted Moodle as a means to connect lab to lecture in a way we never had before. This presentation will explain that as well as give insight into how we use Moodle in other ways in our classroom. In addition to our presentation we hope to start a conversation to learn other ways that we can use Moodle in our classroom as well.

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