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Twapper Keeper for #colearning

Information Overload/ Managing your content: Continuing a terrific conversation from Educon: Facilitated by Lisa Thumann and Liz Davis.

Links, articles, tools, discussions; staying on top of what's hot, what's useful and how can I apply it in my classroom can be a daunting proposition. But floating tool to tool with little or no focus, is a mistake. Building, creating and a system that works for you makes your job harder and more time consuming. Let's bring the information and power of the network to work for us.

Presentation Here:

  • How can we be sure that we are staying relevant without being bogged down the newest this, or that, or just mindlessly hopping from one tool to the next?

  • How can we put ourselves and our peers in a position where the best comes to us, without us overwhelming ourselves. We will discuss our own experiences, but more importantly we will brainstorm and share solutions.

  • Looking at viable and productive web-based solutions that help us find the relevance in what we share, but also manage our stream so we avoid the proverbial "drinking form a firehose", and eye rolls from teammates and colleagues when we bombard them with links, tools, and articles..

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Outline for our discussions:

  • Discuss experiences with drinking from a fire hydrant.
    • How do we manage our streams, links, and discussions.
  • How are we sure that when we share we aren't wasting our time.
  • And, how can we use web based tools to do the work for us and bring the data to us in a seamless, coherent fashion.
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    • Others

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