Vodcasting: From Capture to Distribution
Brian Hatak and Jesse Craig
Arapahoe High School
Centennial, Colorado

Background: Current trends in content delivery are to make sure learners are getting the information when they need it. A screen-cast (podcast or vodcast) is a current trend in changing delivery methods for classroom teachers. While many educators know how to record a class session or course content, they might not be familiar with the different distribution methods. Educators of all disciplines need to determine the best methods for distributing material to learners in their schools demographic. The intent of this session will be to provide teachers the time to have a conversation about the different methods for distributing podcasts and vodcasts in a meaningful and quick way. Teachers, who want to share their course material with students and people outside of their school, struggle with some of the tools that are available. By the end of this session, the attendees will have discussed the approach of getting podcasted content to students through various on-line tools. Discussion will be centered on using Blogger.com and Feedburner.com to get podcast content to the iTunes directory. Also, attendees will be introduced to TeacherTube.com and how it can be used to share course content. The presenters will share some of the issues that have come up with distributing podcasted material on the Internet and methods which have proved successful. The changes that a classroom can experience by using podcasts for course content will be a secondary focus of this session.

.pdf version of the PowerPoint presentation from Learning 2.0 (without the polleverywhere questions).
PowerPoint Presentation

Learning and Leading - ISTE publication with a conversation on using podcasts vs. lecture (p.10)
Learning and Leading - ISTE publication with a conversation on how/why to use podcasts in the classroom.(p 24)

Snapkast - software which allows easy conversion of PowerPoint and audio to a podcast
Blogger - a place (where it seems) you can upload seemingly unlimited amounts of video for distribution
Hatak AP Podcast - The blogger.com site where my podcasts are hosted for AP Chemistry
Arapahoe Science Department - Blogger.com site where the science department is hosting technology help videos for other at our school and outside. (I am looking into the issues with this site and will hopefully get it fixed soon.)
Feedburner - a place where you can add information about your podcast and look at statistics for its use.
TeacherTube - web site where you can host information - this site is usually not blocked by filters.
SchoolTube - another site where you can host videos and other classroom content.
Cell phone and computer based polling software - there is a free account for educators.

Equipment used in the production of the screencasts for AP Chemistry:
These first two are the ones that I used when first starting and would recommend them to another teacher in an instant:
Wireless Microphone - Revolabs xTag
Wireless Wacom Tablet

At school, I use:
Wacom Bamboo Tablet
Logitech Headset

Software used for screencast:
TechSmith - Camtasia
Other teachers have used snapkast

*wii-mote program - I used a wii-mote, bluetooth connector, and a homemade IR LED pen as my first smartboard. This worked well and I would recommend it if you like working on your own electronics.