Global Competency

"Learn "with" the world...not just "about" the world."

How do we influence what happens in our schools when global competency is the topic?

Toni Theisen French teacher, Loveland High School, Loveland, CO.

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How are we preparing our students to meet global challenges?

How do we influence what happens in our schools when global competency is the topic of discussion?

What are the implications for professional development?

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What are the implications for professional development?

Today’s great challenges facing society span all fields—but they share one characteristic: they are global in scope and require a collaborative response from groups or nations. In order to educate the generation of students who will face the challenges of the 21st century, schools need to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and attitudes to work effectively in our increasingly interdependent world. Foremost amongst these “global competencies” are the abilities to communicate effectively across linguistic and cultural boundaries, to see and understand the world from a perspective other than one’s own, and to understand and appreciate the diversity of societies and cultures.

We will examine and briefly discuss: the definition of global competency in several contexts, the "Iceberg Concept of Culture" and the research of Yong Zhao. We will also explore the new EdSteps Global Competency Framework and Matrix and an opportunity to showcase student work.

Using video and Voicethread students from my class and a class in France will express their perspectives about feeling prepared to enter the global workforce. They will relate what works and doesn't work in schools to build this competency. They will express possible solutions to improve instruction with global competency as the focus.

Finally in small groups participants will work on a Google Doc to brainstorm ideas about implications for professional development for this topic. Participants can also join our wiki and add resources.

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