Wired, Connected, Social: Pay It Forward Learninga conversation facilitated by: Jenna Ream, UCD

Instruction can be such a nebulous beast. On the one hand- it is you and your learners- whether you are figuring out innovations on your own, enrolled in classes and applying what you learn or directed and supported by district requirements and professional development efforts.

On the other hand- you are a professional and a member of a massive network of other professionals, all seeking to best meet the needs of their kids and provide transformative instruction- no matter how large or small the wedge of that network you access. We are wired, connected and social beings- no matter how we connect.

SO, how can we maximize those connections to improve our own teaching and participate in the conversation to improve the state of education for all?

I see three key components to this conversation:
1) who are we as participants and what do we do to connect with and share our thinking about teaching and learning with others.

2) what are the good ideas? what have we heard of or what do we want to do to improve our current practice and make better what we do? how do we learn about what others are doing/trying and

3) how can we spread the word? What do we have access to that we can use to be part of the conversation bigger than ourselves and our individual classrooms/schools?

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