Got a question? Ask it here - just click on "edit this page," and add your question to the list. We'll provide an answer as fast as we can. (We even included some of the questions from last year).

1. What if I have a question that isn't for public eyes? How do I ask it?
Feel free to email this year's event organizers Scott Elias or Deanna Dykstra. We'll write you back.

2. I live in Melbourne, Australia, (or Aden, Yemen, or Lusaka, Zambia...) and am interested in attending virtually - is this a possibility?
That's the plan as long as everything goes well! We have set up four conversation channels on Check out our Live Streams page.

3. I can already see that I want to be in two places at once. Are there plans to record and archive any of the sessions?
See question #2.

4. How much is this gonna cost me?
Learning 2.0 is free to attend. (Thompson R2-J employees who want TIC will need to pay for their credit.)

5. Where should I send the PO/check/credit card payment?
See question #4.

5. Will credit be available?
At this time, credit will be available for Thompson School District employees only who register and pay for TIC credit.

6. So, who is organizing all of this?
This year's event is being planned by a fantastic and motivated group of educators including folks from the Thompson R2-J and St. Vrain Valley school districts as well as Colorado State University.

7. What if it snows?
This is Colorado! Sometimes it snows! But if things get really bad, you'll want to make sure you're watching the home page of this site and subscribing to our Twitter feed. Just in case

8. How can I help?
Thanks for asking! Check out our Volunteer Sign-Up for starters, or contact Deanna or Scott if there's something else you'd like to be involved in.