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1. What if I have a question that isn't for public eyes? How do I ask it?
Answer: Feel free to email Karl Fisch, Bud Hunt, Ben Wilkoff or Mike Porter. We'll write you back.

2. I am interested in attending either virtually or in person. I am deaf. What accommodations will be made for accessibility?- jkitterman jkitterman
Answer: We're working on it. Will post something here when we get it figured out.
Hey, we finally got some answers on getting some interpreters if you want to attend in person. As I'm sure you know, they aren't inexpensive, so before booking them we'd like to find out if you are planning on attending in person. Please let us know.

If you aren't attending in person, we're still trying to figure out the possible virtual component. It would most likely be some kind of audio/video feed out, but I'm not sure what kind of accommodations we can do with that. If you want to attend virtually, do you have any suggestions we can look into for that?

Thank you for responding. It is looking like I will need to attend virtually, but I should know soon. And, I only just lost my hearing last April, so I am not too familiar with all of the various tools available. I can tell you that an audio feed would not work for me because I hear absolutely nothing. Although many might be able to tune in via UStream, video without sound wouldn't do me much good. I would like to participate via Twitter, but it is blocked in our district. However, perhaps it could be opened for this date. Short of that, I would hope to view any videos of sessions. I would have to rely on someone to grab the video and caption it using dotsub. It may be that I simply ask you to post transcripts (if available) and videos so that (and have friends/family caption them for me). Also, if the conference is set up with Hitchhikr, anyone can read Blog postings (reflections, comments, etc). with regard to the conference. I appreciate you taking time to respond. I will post again as soon as I can add anything to this.- jkitterman jkitterman

3. I live in Melbourne, Australia, and am interested in attending virtually - is this a possibility? Jenny Luca.
Answer: Jenny, we're working on what the virtual component might look like. We hope to come up with something, but we can't promise anything just yet.
Thanks for the reply.

I already can see that I want to be in two places at once. Are there plans to record and archive any of the sessions? -Christine Archer
Answer: We are going to try to ustream the sessions in each strand, and - if we're successful - those will be archived. We'll see if we're successful!