What is Learning 2.0: A Colorado Conversation?

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Learning 2.0: A Colorado Conversation, is a one day conference/meetup for teachers, administrators, students, school board members, parents and anyone who is interested in education. It will be held on Saturday, February 21st, 2009, from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm (MST, GMT -7) at Heritage High School in Littleton, Colorado, USA (different location than last year - here's a map ). We assume most folks will be from Colorado, but everyone is welcome to attend, and we are working on some ideas for virtual participation.

Education is conversation. Conversation creates change.

The future of education does not exist in the isolated world of theory and abstract conference sessions. Instead, it exists in conversations. It exists in creating a robust learning network that is ever-expanding and just-in-time. Learning 2.0 is not the beginning of this conversation. It is merely a stopping point, a time to talk about the visible difference that we all seek. We read. We reflect. We write. We share. We learn. Come join us for a day of conversation about learning and technology.

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Session Schedule

Session Descriptions

Elluminate Rooms

Elluminate Rooms for All Sessions - for virtual participants (and physical participants can jump in as well).

Conference Update - Sent to Registrants on February 18th, 2009

Conference Details:


Closed...We're at capacity! While that's a good thing, we know that some of you still want to come. Look for a wait list or consider attending virtually. Details forthcoming. Thanks for the tremendous interest!

Attendance Page

NOTE: This is a self-add list - if you registered and don't see yourself, it's because you need to add yourself. We thought this would be a handy way for folks to share their contact information and links. If you don't want to do that, though - it's fine. This is not the registration page!

Friends of Learning 2.0: A Colorado Conversation

We hope part of our get together will help you to meet and connect with folks who share our common mission. Please sign up as a Friend of Learning 2.0: A Colorado Conversation so that you can begin to make connections ahead of our event.


Our schedule will be jam-packed with conversational goodness .

Round Tables

Got a topic you want to discuss? Sign up to facilitate a round table conversation in the afternoon.


Heritage High School in Littleton, Colorado, USA (different location than last year - here's a map )


We'll use the contact information you submit as part of your registration to contact you should we have to postpone due to weather. We'll also put a giant notice here and on our blogs.


Free, baby. And lunch is included, thanks to the generous support of Littleton Public Schools and St. Vrain Valley Public Schools.


BYOL (that would be B ring Y our O wn L aptop) - we'll have wireless access to the Internet (filtered) - we may test our capacity to handle density of machines, but hopefully things will go swimmingly. If not, we have wired machines in various places you can access.

Invite Others

We strongly encourage you to invite other folks from your school, district, neighborhood, or learning network to attend as well. It would be great if everyone could bring at least one person with them that is perhaps new to this conversation. Bring a trusted student or two, too.

Questions for Students

We're having a student panel discussion during lunch. Here's your chance to submit some questions for them to consider.

Call for Conversations

We are looking for roundtable moderators to lead small group discussions following the morning sessions. Please sign up, to either lead discussion or join in, here .

Promote Learning 2.0

Did we mention that you should tell others? Blog about this. Link to this wiki or our blog posts. Download a [[file/view/CoLearning_Poster_2009.pdf| flyer ]] and print out.Or use this nifty image.

Tag this Event Everywhere:

If you use the tag "colearning" (without the quotations, of course) at delicious , youtube , scribd , flickr , or on your blog it will automatically be aggregated on our blog so that we can have a community around all of the creations that are a result or a byproduct of the CoLearning 2009 conversation.

If you are going to use twitter, simply put a hash mark in front of the tag: #colearning

Track the conversation, and keep it going!

Here is the portal that aggregates all of the blog posts, videos, links, documents, and pictures. It will also allow us to keep the conversation going by collecting all of the bloggers who attend Learning 2.0: A Colorado Conversation. If you are interested in adding your blog to our portal, add your information here.


Feel free to add your questions to the FAQ page .

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