Student Panel: What a fantastic job you've done for us today! THANK YOU!! - Dan Maas

In general, we're going to let the students drive the discussion during the student panel. But here is a place where you can submit some questions/ideas/thoughts that you'd like the students to consider addressing:

What percentage of the teachers you've had seem to embrace the use of technology in their instruction? How is the learning experience different for you versus learning with teachers who avoid technology? I assume you'll say you're more engaged, etc. but can you provide more information - maybe with examples? Thank you.
- Jerry Ohrt, St Vrain Valley SD

I have two questions for students, and in a way they are related. Does technology ever distract from your learning? In other words, are the temptations of getting off task enabled when you're working on computers ? Secondly, please describe what level of Internet filtering you feel is needed or acceptable at your school. Thanks!
--Mike Porter, Littleton Public Schools

The conventional wisdom for teachers who think that technology will reshape teaching and learning, is that students find using blogs, wikis, and other Web 2.0 technologies in the classroom more engaging than traditional teaching methods because most students use technologies such as MySpace and/or Facebook, and are texting all the time. Is this actually the case? Thanks.
--Christopher Marchetti, Littleton High School

What technologies do you use for personal communications? Do you think they can be used in your educational environment for improving instruction and if so, how? Do you really use blogs for personal use?
--Connie Masson, St. Vrain Valley School District

We spend a lot money on technology for the classroom but we never ask the students what piece of technology would the most valuable to their learning. What technology tool would you MOST like teachers and school districts to incorporate in the classroom?
--Claudia Roark, Columbine High School

If you could change your school experience to make it more relevant and engaging, what changes would you make?
--Nancy White, Academy School District 20

Please share with us (1) your most memorable technology learning experience in school, (2) your most memorable technology learning experience outside of school, and (3) which of these experiences do you believe was more beneficial to you academically?
--Donna Hebert, Oberon Middle School... Along the same lines, how would you respond to questions 1 and 2 if the word technology was removed? - Dan Maas, Littleton Public Schools

With your different types of technology do you connect. collaborate, talk,etc. with people from other countries. If so how and why? If so do you ever try to use some of the foreign language you learn in school and to what degree? Toni Theisen, Loveland High School.

What is it that makes a classroom come alive for you as students? -Christine Archer

#1 What role do you think your school library, or librarian should play in your use and understanding of technology?
#2 Are you a Student 2.0? If so, what does that mean and how has that changed you?
--Phil Goerner, St Vrain Valley Schools

If there was one thing that you wished your teachers understood about you and how you learn what would that be? -Jane Sluiter Cherry Creek School District

If you were the teacher, what would you do to engage students and keep them from "rolling their eyes"?
Do you think the education you have received thus far makes you and your peers competitive in the world? - M Gregg Euclid Middle School

I'm curious to know if you think it would be beneficial for every student to have a laptop or similar learning device? -Christine Archer

What do you think our role as educators/adults should be as your generation begins to actually create a global community of human experience through technology? -creativeclimate